Common spaces like no other!

Cromwell is proud to announce the opening of its first-ever Amenity Room project in Toronto. Starting in May, tenants of Sussex Square will be able to enjoy six common rooms. We believe that the diversity of the facilities will meet the lifestyle needs of a variety of tenants. We want to provide a more enjoyable […]

The Mooncrest is gradually being revealed

Here are the very first photos of the beautiful, modern and fully renovated apartments at the Mooncrest, 4851 Côte-St-Luc Road, Montreal. This was a major project; the facades, the indoor parking lot, the common areas and the apartments have been refurbished. In addition, the electrical and plumbing systems have been completely modernized. The balconies are […]

A new beginning at the Mooncrest

4851 Côte-St-Luc Road, Montreal Shortly, the Mooncrest will offer you over 50 modern style apartments of 1 to 3 bedrooms, equipped with design kitchens, modern bathrooms and washer/dryer. For several months now, major work is underway at the Mooncrest site. The facades, the indoor parking lot, the common areas and the apartments have been refurbished. […]

485 Huron – A unique architecture

Designed by architect Uno Prii, 485 Huron Street is one of a series of 13 buildings listed on the City of Toronto’s Heritage Property Inventory since 2004. Uno Prii was a designer of apartment buildings with rounded curves and youthful, whimsical forms. It is said that his structures recall the optimism of the 1960s. The […]

Promoting a healthy lifestyle at 1255

There is no denying that adding a gymnasium space and outdoor landscaping to an office tower enables employers to offer a health promotion program to their staff. In addition to promoting well-being and health, the practice of physical activities in the workplace contributes to improving business performance. This is the challenge Cromwell took on in […]

Parking renovation at 50 Willowdale

The construction of 50 Willowdale dates from 1971. Built 50 years ago, the parking spaces had reached their safety limits. The transit of vehicles soiled by snow and calcium over the many winters damaged the concrete structure. Measures had to be quickly implemented to ensure the security of the premises. A complete renovation of the […]

Interior parking renovation at The Ramezay

By inspecting the waterproofing membrane covering the two parking areas at The Ramezay, we noted a considerable deterioration that weakened the structure. The salts brought by cars in winter are the main cause. The Ramezay, built in 1974, required a complete restoration of its parking areas. The result is spectacular. Tenants and staff members can […]

A building worth looking at!

In order to highlight this magnificent 1929 complex located in Ville-Marie, historical borough of Montreal, Cromwell has completely renovated the courtyard os ATWATER APARTMENTS. The ground surfaces were first leveled. The low walls have been redesigned. Flowers boxes and evergreen trees were added. Finally, the stones of the steps as well as the walkway have […]

A contemporary wind on the Cedar Plaza

In close collaboration with the firm Gupta Architecture, Cromwell presents the common areas modernization plans of the Cedar Plaza. The lobby area, the reception as well as the hallways will all get a nice ouch of freshness. We invite you to take a look at our 3D video: