As delightful as ice cream

The owner of Cromwell Management met with two important representatives of the Contactivity Center organization to unveil the totality of the profits from the 2021 summer collected by the ice cream shop “Le Bilboquet Westmount.” The atmosphere was festive on November 17 at the Sherbrooke Street West location as Executive Director Benita Goldin and Board […]

A delectable beneficial gesture!

The Bilboquet Westmount offered free ice cream to all members of the Contactivity Center on June the 2nd . The weather was very pleasant and on this beautiful sunny day, more than 85 members came out to enjoy this moment of happiness by tasting an artisanal ice cream. Benita Goldin, director of Development and Fiona […]

The Contactivity Center

After months of isolation of our senior population, it is undeniable that the role of centers providing programs and services for this age group is getting more and more important. The Contactivity Center, located in Westmount, is a non-profit organization designed to provide services to facilitate individual and collective well-being and prolong the independence of […]