Our bees are doing great !

Our bees are doing great at Immeubles DSA (Laval). It’s their second year at this location. The beehives almost doubled in size since May, 2018.

Floral and colorful flavors !!

The week is ending on a positive note; yesterday we went to the 2017 Harvest Celebration at Alvéole. We sampled a variety of honeys from all around Montreal area; light and amber, each one with its own flavour. We are proud to say that our bees worked really hard this year !!

Today is a big day !!

We are preparing to receive the results of the honey crop done August 28th. For the 2017 season, our beehives produced about 58kg of honey. The jarring was done by Alvéole and the honey pots will be delivered to us today. We will soon organize the distribution.

Last lunch before winter !

Alexi, from the Alvéole team, came today and fed our beehives. Buckets of double syrup (water mixed with white sugar, the easiest to digest for the bees) will be accessible to our foragers until next month, time of the overwintering. Buckets of double syrup (water mixed with white sugar, the easiest to digest for the […]

Harvest time !!

Today is the day !! We will finally be able to harvest the honey from our beehives at Cromwell Management. Alvéole is coming today to harvest the honey at our Montreal building. Then the extraction will be done artisanally at Alvéole’s honey house. We will keep you posted on the procedure and send photos as […]

Our bees are doing very well!

It’s already been a month. Our pollinators are at work. Our hives are buzzing and one floor has already been added to one of them. A staff member of Alvéole comes on a regular basis to make sure the bees are in good health. Watch the video of the beehives maintenance on the rooftop of […]

Bees at Cromwell; beehives installation !!

We want to thank Dominic and Seychelle from Alvéole (Montréal) for the beehives installation on June 5<sup>th</sup> on the Ramezay’s rooftop (despite the bad weather). Our bees are already at work producing the honey that will be harvested in September/October.